There is a great deal of enthusiasm for off-the-road tire and construction projects. Purcell is happy to play our part and even though OTR tires represent a small percentage of the tire industry, they encompass the largest products and some of the most labor-intensive services. We are thrilled to see the interest in new equipment to meet the demands of the future.

Over the past few years, a lot of time has been spent talking about how hard it is to hire and keep good young people in the industry. That is a big challenge for tire dealers. This shortage of good people naturally brings to light the appreciation we do have for the many outstanding “Techs” in our industry.

Purcell is consistently working on innovative ways to attract younger people to seriously look at tire service and tire technicians as a profession. We believe it is important to understand that you can do well in the tire business. We continuously work to get that message out while actively exploring integration and internships with technical schools.

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